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Choose the service that's best for your current needs. Not sure? I'll be happy to help!


Developmental editing, also referred to as substantive or content editing, is the most comprehensive and thorough editing available. It examines all the elements of your writing, from single words and the phrasing of individual sentences, to overall structure and style. Good developmental editing can address plot holes or gaps, problematic or inconsistent characterization, and overall readability.  Good developmental editing will also bear in mind your target audience and will judge your work in relation to professional industry standards and expectations. I generally offer line editing along with developmental editing. 

Manuscript evaluations​: focus on each of the primary elements of fiction: plot and storyline; structure and theme; conflict and tension; character development; point of view (POV) and voice; dialogue and pacing; and consistency. This evaluation highlights strengths, weaknesses, and next steps.  No editing occurs in a manuscript evaluation.

TIP: During the developmental editing process, your manuscript may change substantially--writing may be reshaped, moved, criticized, or even cut; accepting honest feedback is often a difficult experience--especially for new writers. Remember that a good developmental editor is a collaborator, not an adversary, who shares your primary goal--to create the best manuscript possible. 

Pricing is based on the length of your manuscript and the level of editing you need or desire! I offer a free sample edit of approximately ten pages so we can both determine if our partnership is a good fit! 


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Copy editing is best suited for clean manuscripts that have already gone through developmental and/or heavy editing. A copy edit focuses primarily on fixing grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 

Line editing/heavy copy editing addresses all areas of a light copy edit as well as sentence structure, tone, and consistency.  

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