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Blackwatch 2385, Teddy Greer & Peter Christian (Coming Soon!)


When I started my journey I was inundated with available editors to choose from. I wanted someone who understood my voice while maintaining a critical eye, also someone who is inherently more competent than me. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Jennifer. She has been an amazing source of support through the whole writing experience. She helped me with character development and scenes that didn’t work, as well as wording that was rough or awkward. She essentially was able to take the primordial goo that is my writing, and help me refine it into coherent prose. As a first time author I was nervous about the whole editing experience, but she was kind as well as thorough, and remained supportive even when I was frustrated and wanted to throw the whole thing away. I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Danna B., Author 

Jennifer is a damn-fine editor, a wonderful muse, and most importantly, very effective in guiding fledgling authors to lofty goals.

Teddy Greer, Author 

Jennifer brings a critical and intuitive eye to editing—assessing the strengths and weaknesses of key story elements such as premise, plot, structure, characterizations, and dialogue. Development is her forte, and she can be relied on to offer intelligent, insightful, and creative suggestions and solutions that help a project reach its fullest potential. She’s the best editor an editor could ask for.

Bridgette O’Hare
Author and Senior Editor at Plot2Published Editing

Jennifer edited my historical novel and was sensitive and clever, covering every detail in the text as we went back and forth many times.  Her strength is in the overall development of the subject as well as in engaging with the text at the sentence and word level. I am very satisfied and recommend Jennifer to edit your work. 

K. Nasr, Author

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