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Green Editing

Professional developmental, line, and copy editing

Specialization in editing and proofreading for TTRPGs

A good editor doesn't rewrite words, she rewires synapses. ~S. Kelley Harrell

Why You Need an Editor

Jennifer edited my historical novel and was sensitive and clever, covering every detail in the text as we went back and forth many times.  Her strength is in the overall development of the subject as well as in engaging with the text at the sentence and word level. I am very satisfied and recommend Jennifer to edit your work. 

Navigating your story 

A good editor will step back and look at your manuscript with fresh eyes and a new perspective. She will be able to look at the big picture to help you move forward, building a strong and engaging path for your readers to follow. 

An editor's job is to know the elements of fiction and how to use them to make a good story great! Developmental editors can provide evaluations to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a manuscript and offer advice on the next steps in the publishing process. 

Winding Forest Road
Open Book

It's all about teamwork

The author-editor relationship is one of collaboration, trust, and mutual investment in every project. Every manuscript has its own story to tell, and the perfect team can ensure each one reaches its highest potential.

Everyone--even the most talented writers--can benefit from the guidance and expertise of a professional editor. Whether you need help with pacing, character development, dialogue, or general mechanics, a professional editor will meet your project where it is and move your manuscript towards successful publishing. 

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